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“Main shayar to nahi, Magar aye hasin, Jab se dekha, Maine tujhko, Mujhko, Shayari aa gayi…” the words of the effervescent and ageless song come to my mind when I think of the Lavale campus of SIBM, Pune and I vividly remember humming them when I laid my eyes on the serene and beautiful campus for the first time.

The happiness of clearing SNAP with good percentile drained away as fast as it had come and I clearly remember having butterflies in the mock GD’s and stammering in the mock Interviews. Apart from applying to some International Universities, the SNAP and Symbiosis International University was something I was readily looking forward to. SIBM, Pune was an obvious choice, it being one of the best B-Schools in India. There was excitement, anticipation but also lots of anxiousness, nervousness and tad bit of fear for the next rounds.

Oh! I remember the morning of the ‘D’ day. I felt stuffed and wasn’t talking much to anyone on our way to the campus, but the moment I set foot in the campus every bit of the of the stuffiness and the fear melted away and the cordial and perfect arrangements done by the ART of SIBM, Pune removed every last bit of the nervousness. I was so brimming with confidence; it felt like floating in the air. It was then and there that I decided it is here where I want to spend the next two years of my life.

The days spent here have been pretty awesome. The Pre-Induction and ice breaking session have been nothing but fun. The alumni, speakers & guests at the session gave a glimpse of the road that lay in front of us and shared their experience on how to traverse the same. The advertisement contest, the skit and the talent rounds were not only involving and fun, they also brought out the best of creativity out of everyone and most of all, the people who were strangers yesterday were now friends, batch mates, floor mates, hostel mates and a well-connected community in themselves.

The golf course and Mountain View from our hostel room, the walk to the mess in the drizzling rains, the panoramic view from the amphitheater, the sheer beautiful weather, the greens and grey shades of nature are mesmerizing and breathtaking. Most of us just can’t stop taking pictures.

The classes have started and there is burst of activity, nervous excitement and anticipation with everyone busy trying to find out what they want from these two years of MBA from SIBM, Pune, and from their Life in general. There’s pressure and stress building on each of us but then again there’s our wonderful seniors to allay our fears, new friends helping each other, the beautiful campus instilling calmness and the sheer Joy of just being here that removes all of those fears and lets us just enjoy every moment we spend here.

Shashvat Satyakumar Mishra First Year MBA Student @ SIBM, Pune