SIBM, Pune – An enchanting experience

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Only the Aces have reached here ,Therefore completely endear.

And make sure that you Never Lose Hope In the Journey of Improving, Always strive to cope in times of failing.

No one ever said it’s going to be easy, but it will be the most fun when you feel the ecstasy

I am standing on the grand podium of Symbiosis International University Auditorium explaining the crowd my trick. My heart is pumping voraciously and my voice is changing its pace due to the anxiety. Its my day two at SIBM and I am demonstrating magic to my fellow batch mates during the Talent Round of Induction program. I see blinding spotlight directed towards me , I see confident faces looking sharp at me , I see an iPhone pointed at me, I see my friends gesturing “Good Luck” , These faces, These personalities , This location… all serve me “hope” and a “Promise” of an enchanting experience.

Travelling to a new location and staying with unknown is not something everyone can do. The fear that you might be left behind on the race of making friends and building relationships is frightening, Along with that the idea of balancing your academics puts you in a dilemma. But then the realization that you are a part of something much larger than yourself was brilliantly established from the magnificent speech of Dr Sb Mujumdar, Dr R Raman, and Mr Prakash Iyer on day one.

The invocation of SIBM is not only confined to India, Even highly developed countries like Kuwait (Where I come from) values the emeralds that are sharpened here at this tantalizing campus. I personally fantasized about Symbiosis from the moment i entered pune three years ago to the moment i was writing SNAP till the instant i received the offer letter. You start valuing your time and actions even in your personal life, when you are a member of the best B-school in Pune

The campus is so full of life here. Each and every person on the campus has his or her own thought invoking story, The colossal library keeps you pasted at your seat, The rooms are neat-organised and well managed, The vivid blue pool, The well equipped gym and stress busting indoor games like Table Tennis, Squash and Billiards.

Above all are the inspiring faculty (special mention to Prof Mansi) that initiate you to develop common sense which unfortunately is not so common. Here we don’t study.. we learn, Here we don’t follow verbatim…we understand , Here we are not just given tutelage…. we are taught the application, Here we are not just doing MBA ….we are introspecting and understanding our own personalities and our own role in the universe.

What is the MAGIC OF SIBM ? … The feeling of belongingness invoked upon us just with weeks. The magic happens to you when you look at the hilltop view at 6:30 am in the morning, The greenery with a pinch of cloudy mist . The magic happens to you when you chill out with your friends while facing the chilling winds at the amphitheatre in the night. The Magic happens the instant you see the “Symbiosis” emblem while entering the campus. You enter as a timid and nervous person and come out as a confident and well equipped individual. This is the magic …. AND I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO BE A PART OF THIS DAZZLING PROCESS.


Life doesn’t serve all with the opportunity to pursue what you want to , So make the most of it and do what you were meant to.

Aspire to inspire ,Read and lead , learn and explore ,and don’t get trapped by your daily chore.