Memories at SIBM Pune

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ArthI behold upon me, my past, that wonderful stretch – 2 years, was it? Well, it seems just like yesterday when I had entered into a world, a world with a million stars to capture, milestones to achieve lessons to learn. Friends. Love. Fun. Opportunities. Platforms. Success. Failures. Lessons. LIFE! Every experience, if I realize, has made me the person I am today.

I wish I could stop a while before it lasts, relive all those memories, for the void of future would overwhelm and inundate my past. It was all an equivalent of a miracle, impregnated with love.


The Memories!

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I’ll miss the induction, the parties, the fudged and copied assignments, the sleepy lectures, and our genuine primary research.

JeetuBhaiya – our annadaata, AH – II, studying a night before exams, the council interviews, the placements fever, the “out with folder”, the declarations, the competitions mania, the MRA, the caffeine addiction.

Guest lectures, Panel discussions, the sleepless nights in team rooms, Transcend, Gravitas, Encore, SPL.

Hostel Cricket, the projects, the friendship, the teasing, the little quarrels, the running away from campus; was this MBA? No that’s not it, for I have only begun.

Soon we will embark upon our journey of the corporate world. I wonder if these moments would come again. The same place, same hearts, same smiles and same feelings.

We all are supposed to be matured now. From carefree idiots to responsible human beings, from staying up until morning to sleeping at 11 PM, from stupidity to sensibility, from risks to prudence, from chaos to order… from life to monotony.

When did I sign up for this? I don’t know what has grown old.


An ode to Friends


Friendship is a bond greater than any kin,

Oh you need help? There they are there through thick and thin.

This is why they are called friends,

for they are there even at life’s greatest bends.


The journey was named MBA,

There was hope, in its own way.

Little did we know,

two years and end of a show.


We never feared the gasp of tomorrow

for we were enjoying yesterday’s borrow.

Friendship mattered more than life,

Memories, now, matter more than the future wife.


So used up by the routine subdue,

we always asked, “Going to the lecture, You?”

Amidst all this never did we have a thought,

that someday this would end on the spot.


While some are getting engaged and married,

a few to abroad, getting ferried,

others are busy with future planning,

I sit here wondering, what is happening?


They say, there is always a next time whatsoever,

I hope… it is never over.

My beloved friends, I wish you forever,

I promise there will always be time, maybe


Godspeed everyone.

– Arth Dodeja