Lyrical Palace

Posted By SIBM Student

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Whisper Winds of Silence and Sound,
Gush over the hills of ponder,
Countless drops settle on concrete ground,
Exudes youth with wonder,

Scenes of Green explored,
Amidst the growing bustle,
Touched with a melodic chord,
Of chirps and gentle rustles,

A World of different worlds,
Souls banded in oneness,
A sea of many pearls,
Align towards unending greatness,

The limitless creation of Nature,
Sparks inspiration in its dwellers,
Memories float into a portraiture,
The journeys of a thousand letters,

Curvy lanes pass through time,
Triggers series of introspection,
Essence of knowledge sublimes,
Understanding one’s own affection,

Nature’s Immortality remains supreme,
Leaves one too many in awe,
Realities made from many dreams,
Embedded with Nature’s Law,
Enchanted with its hypnosis,
A place christened Symbiosis.

-Johanan Joel Khriam