Day 2 of the Induction Program yesterday.. and our students were off for an outbound program!

Posted By Dr. Shrirang Altekar

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Organized by a professional outfit, the program seeks to bring together our students, who have come from all parts of the country and abroad. There are several learnings that come from this, apart from coming to know your batch mates better… Team building, communication skills, leadership skills, problem solving, and so many others!

All of which will stand them in good stead, not just during the MBA program, but through their professional careers as well, either in the corporates or in their own startups… Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune does believe in giving our students the best possible inputs, in class or outside!!

A lot of exciting events and activities await them over the next few days… and then, of course, we will start with the bridge courses!

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