Belated celebrations of Women’s Day today in SIBM Pune !!

Posted By Shrirang Altekar

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Quite a few of our SIBM family members were busy on 8th March, and we just didn’t have the heart to celebrate the day without them… so we had decided to postpone it for a few days till almost all were available… it also helped that the teaching – learning is also almost over, so all had just that little bit more free time ????!!

So from musical chairs to music and singing, from ramp walks to mimicry, from hot samosas to a lovely cake, we had it all today.. it was simply amazing to see normally shy and reserved persons come out and perform so confidently… I guess it comes from the comforting feeling, that you are with family members, who will only support you and cheer you on!! It is well and truly said, the family that enjoys together, grows together!! I am indeed so fortunate to have such a wonderful team!!

But then again, this is Symbiosis, and we all try to live up to our motto, Vasudeiva Kutumbakkam!!