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A Startup from SIBM Pune has been selected as one among the TOP 6 by Claris Capital Limited

A startup named ‘Ignite’ by Manan Jambusaria  who is pursuing his second year MBA( Innovation and Entrepreneruship) at SIBMPune has been selected for mentorship by an Investment firm in Ahmadabad called ‘Claris Capital.
Claris Capital is an Investment firm based in Ahmadabad , Gujarat as part of the Larger Claris Group of Industries led by Krishna Handa .
Claris Capital Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Claris Lifesciences Limited. This is an initiative by a 20-year old corporate group with interests ranging from Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy, and Agriculture to incubate new-age businesses on the back of their own experience. The company is mainly involved in investment and financial activities. In the very first year of its operations, the company has identified and invested in fast-growing companies. The portfolio companies include ZebPay (FinTech), and IIMJobs (Specialized Job Portal).
Every Year Claris Capital organizes an “Idea to Incorporation ” Training Conference for Gujarati’s , where people who have an Idea or Prototype have to apply and they select top 6 ideas out of Gujarat every year which they train for about 6 months and help them with their requirements , from connecting them to Mentors , to helping them to understand and draft legal measures for startups , help in understanding the investment process that startups go through , the government policies for Startups , connecting with existing startups in the respective Industry , an also connecting with Investors of Claris Capital and investors of other Outside Institutional Firms .
At the end of the Mentor ship program Claris Capital track the progress and based on performance they invest . Till  date Claris Capital  has invested in startups like ZebPay(Fintech) and IIM Jobs etc  The startup ‘Ignite’ by Manan Jambusaria  was selected as one among the top 6 startups of Gujarat in the competition conducted by Claris Capital  and they are currently mentoring him for 6 months
Dr R Raman
Director – SIBM Pune
Dean- Faculty of Management – SIU