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SNAP 2018 is Changing its format

The SNAP 2018 registrations are now Live!!
One can visit  and register for SNAP and also Register for MBA and MBA(I&E) programmes offered by SIBM Pune SNAP 2018 has some changes and they have been listed below
SNAP Test is an objective test. There are 2 types of questions Normal Questions carry 1 mark for each question and Special Questions carry 2 marks for each question. Each wrong answer attracts 25% negative marks both for Normal and Special Questions.
Each question has 4 responses (Only for Normal Questions). Candidate should choose an appropriate response.

 For special questions (in each section) will have blanks where answers will have to be entered by the candidate by using the virtual keyboard. For example, if question is “What is the capital of Australia?” The candidate needs to enter the answer as CANBERRA by using the virtual keyboard. There would be 5 special questions in each section and the aspirants have an opportunity to  score more by answering these questions.

The details of number of questions is given below

The SNAP registration closes on November 26, 2018 (Monday) and the SNAP test is on December 16 , 2018 (Sunday)


Dr R Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management- SIU