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SNAP 2018 questions and answer key to be made available very soon to aspirants !

I had a discussion with the Head SNAP Test Secretariat, and got to know some progressive steps being taken to make SNAP transparent

In an endeavor to make SNAP more transparent  SNAP answer keys along with the questions will be made available to candidates who have appeared for SNAP 2018 (SNAP 2018 which was held on 16th December 2018) .

Some points to note

1. In case a student wants to challenge a specific question he/she can do so by logging into the the SNAP challenge portal 

2. In a few days from now – candidates will see  a button titled “SNAP 2018 Answer Keys” in the same location where the download admit card button was placed.

3. Only those who were present for SNAP 2018 will be allowed to login to check the answers and  challenge  a question or a set of questions

4. The challenge will be accepted after the payment of fee – which would be INR 500 (+18% GST) per question  to be paid online.

5.Only 2 or 3 days will be given to the aspirants to see the questions and challenge the same ( if need be)

6. In case the challenge is right, then the candidate would be refunded the amount that he/she you pay (less GST) and in case the challenge is wrong then the candidate would not be refunded any money and the the decision of the SIU committee will be final and binding

7. SNAP results  will be published by SNAP TEST Secretariat- and this will be done  after all the challenges are considered and necessary corrections (if required) are made.

Exact / more details will be given by SNAP Test secretariat to all the aspirants


Dr Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU