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Consulting Fair for the students across multiple disciplines of SIBM Pune

Dear All

Giving startups a boost is now in the agenda of the Indian prime minister, but this was in the agenda of the Symbiosis much before.  MBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) programme will ensure that  many more startups come out of SIBM,Pune!

In order to create an environment and opportunity for the students to work on live business problems and work with growing startups thereby gaining experience and relating their management education to live cases, the Social, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell (SECC) of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune (SIBM Pune) announces the launch of its first of kind consulting initiative, “Consulting Fair” for the students of SIBM Pune across multiple disciplines.



The SECC students  from SIBM, Pune on the day of the event 

 Consulting Fair is a one day event, where the startups from in and around Pune & Mumbai come to SIBM Pune, Lavale campus to identify the brightest minds of the country to work on their consulting assignments. This is scheduled  on 26thJan 2016. Multiple startups will conduct the process of selecting talents from SIBM Pune through direct or telephonic/ skype interview. Startups assign a live business problem or any other working project to the students as consulting assignments.

This would be learning experience for the students of SIBM Pune and an opportunity for the startups to identify talent and work with them in solving business problems. 

Thought of keeping you informed and hence this blog!

Dr Ramakrishnan Raman

Director – SIBM Pune and

Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU