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Symbiosis Premier League (SPL) at SIBM Pune

Symbiosis Premier League (SPL) has  become one of the most awaited event every year. This year SPL 9 started on the 23rd January 2017 with the Captain’s Auction followed by the Player’s auction on 24th January 2017 the next day.

The Captains Auction was a good round of show with astonishing bids. The same followed in the Players’ Auction with Rohith Panchumarthi and Ritesh benedict gaining the highest bid players of the tournament crossing 3000 points.

The cricket tournament started on 13th February 2017 giving players enough time to practice and create strategies. The brand ambassadors had enough time to promote their team. There were 8 teams divided into two pools.

Pool A – Devils, Sharks, Eagles and Spartans

Pool B – Dragons, Panthers, Stallions and Wolves

The tournament lasted for 9 days with an outstanding turnout and the participation was immensely successful.

The top four team (Devils, Sharks, Dragons and Stallions) battled it out in the Semifinals, which was held on the 23rd February 2017. The first semi final was between Sharks and Dragons, with Dragons winning and leaving them one step closer to the Championship trophy. The Second Semi final was between Devils and Stallions. This match was exceptional on the part of Team Devils as they played their heart, which led them to victory and reaching the final in SPL 9.

The last day of SPL 9 gained importance as it was cricket match between the girls of MBA II & MBA I   and MBA II girls won the match with Akshita winning the woman of the match.

The final match was between Devils and Dragons. Team Devils managed to get 139 runs setting a target of 140 for the the Dragons,  in the 15 overs match.

Devils won the championship by 18 runs leaving Devils winning SPL second time in a row, with Sourabh Dogra declared as man of the tournament.Emerging Player of the tournament  was  Akhil Deshpande, Value for Money award was given to Animesh Rathore, Best catch award went to Rahul Grover, Best Brand Ambassadors was given to Anjali (Team Stallions), Best Batsman was  given to Naman Jhawar and Best Bowler was given to Anirudh Jhavar.
The tournament also included the Alumni Match, which was held on 17th February 2017 with the Alumni winning the match against the students of SIBM Pune.

The Sports Management team also hosted the first Faculty match in SPL history. It was a fun and friendly experience with Faculty/Staff winning the match easily against the Student Executive Council Members of SIBM Pune.

Dr R Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU