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SIBM Pune – the light at the end of the tunnel

My journey to B-School is  an outcome of taking right decision at right time. Three weeks into the journey of life feels good at SIBM Pune. To start with the best moments of SIBM Pune, its scenic beauty which enthralls the hearts of the students.

The induction program was exceedingly engaging and we got to attend lectures of people who have successful industrial backgrounds and also alumni who have proved themselves in all walks of life. People here are so welcoming, it already feels like a home away from home.

One week into our classes I have got to experience what practical education truly means.The lectures are full of real-life scenarios and engineering students like me can also correlate with ease.The food here is good and the departmental store surprises me everyday.Apart from that I am lucky to have awesome roommates and classmates who are surprisingly coordinating.

I am happy and so are my parents.Hoping that my stay her will give me a better perspective about how I wan’t my life to be. As “life is to be lived forwards and enjoyed backwards”, all I can visualize a few years down the line are 2 years of exhilarating awesomeness .”