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SIBM Pune – The journey so far…

Having worked for nearly 3 years in the IT space with the industry bellwether Infosys, I have gained rich experience in how a business is run, how responsibilities are apportioned and how customer satisfaction is the chief driving force. My learning, much of which was a derivative of a primarily technical role, left me hungry for more knowledge about the intricacies of running a business, end to end. A whole lot of introspection and prioritization led me to the conviction that doing an MBA in India was the way forward for me.
Symbiosis, i.e. the Symbiosis International University, with its plethora of business management programs figured prominently among my dream choices for pursuing an MBA. The standout in this shortlist of course was SIBM Pune, one of the premier, industry oriented B schools in India. Prep for the SNAP test, Symbiosis’ highly balanced and rigorously designed entrance gateway, took up my energies for a while, but cracking it paved my way to Pune’s best and one of India’s topmost B-schools!
Akin to kicking off any new venture, I was filled with initial qualms and trepidation about my momentous decision to embrace SIBM Pune. However, much to my elation, the team at SIBM, ably guided by the Director, Dr. R. Raman, went out of their way to dispel any sense of discomfort and scepticism about this journey all of us had embarked on, through the well planned and comprehensive Induction program. This program has gone a long way in fostering a sense of camaraderie amongst the new SIBM students at a very nascent stage through myriads of ice breaking sessions, while also being a tremendous value-add. Talks by industry stalwarts, while being immensely fruitful, were delivered with a sense of earnestness and honesty and were hugely motivating for us all.
My abiding memory and take away from this Induction program was our Director’s presentation which spoke about the need to capitalize on every knowledge-imbibing opportunity, while managing time judiciously, along with Mr. Prakash Iyer’s talk about the pressing need to blend hard work and humility, while breaking free from the shackles of one’s comfort zone. These thoughts find strong resonance with me.
SIBM Pune is nestled in the hills surrounding Pune, and the environs are best described as idyllic. It’s a common SIBM anecdote that students here are treated to a picturesque 2 year vacation, while pursuing their education. It’s only does justice to this B-school in saying that the students here partake of one of India’s best, most prestigious MBA programs, while honing their all-round skills, and being treated to the bounty of Nature.