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SIBM Pune – How things work out !

So,Here I am sitting in my room with a cup of coffee on the table and writing how I reached here. Well, it was an interesting journey which started around July last year when I decided to pursue MBA not because I was keen on this three letter abbreviation but more so because I felt I needed a break from the corporate culture.

My friend and I discussed on this MBA prospect and decided to join a coaching institute for the preparation of CAT,XAT,SNAP. Days later, we were also among the lakhs preparing for the exam and months later we appeared for all  the exams.
When the result days were nearing I was among the very few who were not feeling restless, to be honest I wanted a newspaper headline to be something like “Technical fault in IIM’s server, CAT exam to be held again”. Although I hoped for a decent percentile my hopes were shattered by the dismal performance of CAT. I had thought that maybe its for the best and will try better next year. My GF supported me very well through this period and she motivated me that better things will come & little did we know, they were just around the corner as my SNAP results came and I was in the coveted 99.8+ percentile bracket. My Friend Aravind was also in the same range. We were excited and although SIBM was not our first priority we knew very well that its one of the best B-school.
Fast forward Interviews,GD,Group exercise and presentation and I was selected for SIBM. I was thrilled to see the letter stating that SIBM wanted me in. This is the thing that I realised that no matter which college or for that matter a person. If someone wants you and accepts you then you get a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something good in life and as crazy as it may sound I had the same satisfactory feeling as someone had accepted me and that was SIBM.
The main USP of SIBM for me was the lovely campus and all my doubts were cleared away the moment I came here for interview and saw the campus. I’ve been very lucky in terms of campuses I feel, My school for which I hold very high regards had the one of the best campuses in the country and then the UG at VIT was a huge crowded but a fun place to be at and now here I was, at my possible PG destination at another beautiful campus.
The moment I came to SIBM to be a part of this Symbiosis family I was a bit skeptical but hey I never really cared for the “top IIX’S” anyways.
This is the story till now and that’s how my landed here at a college/hill station. I can see the sun very clear from here(literally also) and its shining bright. I am hopeful of making many new friends here at the same time carrying my old loved ones along .
On another journey I embark upon,
With rocky roads, whirlwinds and  so on
But with the sun still shining bright,
At the end of tunnel I see a bright light
Vaibhav SIngh
SIBM – MBA 2015-17