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SIBM Pune Experience – Weaving Memories

Having completed my bachelors from Symbiosis institute for media and communication, I had never been confused to join SIBM for my MBA. Being from a Symbi (Symbiosis International University) family I was always hopeful in terms of doing my MBA from one of the best B schools in India. Above all the campus being located in Pune and that too at such a prime location, there is no option but to fall in love with the beauty of the place.

To talk about the experience! Well, I was working on a project while my phone buzzed and yes it Said “ You are on the merit list of SIBM, Pune for the MBA.” It was one of the best feelings in a really long time. I had already made up my mind and was all set to leave Delhi to join this prestigious university. At first, I was a bit skeptical about adjusting with new people since this was yet again away from home and yes some of us were allotted triple sharing hostel rooms which seemed a little difficult in the beginning. But how things do fall in place when time passes by so did the surroundings around me. I started to enjoy each moment on campus, such as – academic block, mess, cycling, auditorium, mid night café and the list would go on and on. I slowly began to believe it is not going to be that easy since it is The MBA from SIBM, Pune but at the same time I acknowledged the fact that it is these surroundings that would pave my way through these upcoming two years and beyond. We all also had ice breaking sessions that helped us bond well in just the first week of college. The talent rounds were fun to watch and know people around with immense talent in the fields of singing, acting, dancing, performing, stand up acting etc. Apart from the blissful experience so far I also had a few days of extensive studying for the Pre Induction module exam. It was commendable to see how each module was so well designed and did a lot of justice to each one of us.

Our session has finally started and the journey so far has not only been exciting but also been enriching. And now we are all geared up for our upcoming journey at SIBM, with all our lectures, exams, assignments, live projects, internships etc. This journey will prepare us to be future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and I hope each one of us will make unforgettable memories with each passing day which will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

So let the journey begin!