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SIBM, Pune experience – The Best Moments

“The only thing constant in life is change and it’s inevitable.”
MBA in Symbiosis, for me, is a way out of a certain life style, a bubble of hope (hope it won’t burst ,or if at all it does, I hope not that brutally) and a change. Be it the subjects I study, or the place, or friends or the kind of work I look forward to after college, each of them, are changes and inevitable.
I won’t lie. It was difficult for me, this ‘change’. All my life I have been a perfect blend of rash and rational. Sometime back someone I know had told me that “Life is all about moving forward and if you have decided to leave one boat, you have to put all your heart into getting into another, because you can’t possibly swim all the way” , and that terrified me as I do not swim very well, literally.
Maybe that is why, or maybe for some other reason yet unknown to me, I have landed here, at Symbiosis International University. So let me take you into ‘how it has been till now’.

The college campus: I am no stranger to scenic beauty, and here in SIBM, what took me time to adjust to was the fact that the sun sets after 7pm and as I come from the East that was sort of absurd for me at first. I am sure I must have gone through some sort of ‘domestic jet lag’. (Pheww!!!) But after getting over the initial pangs, which was made too easy by the mind bogglingly-pretty evening sky and the plateau-ey horizon, I have started to love the place.
Then came the monsoons. Ah! The sprinklers!! Of all the rainfall types I have ever seen, I think this is the first time I have ever seen this kind. First, the raindrops, generally, never fall straight. Second, at times the raindrops are tinier than the misty drops of Fogg body spray. It is a delight really. Instantly refreshing, without the wetness.

Friends: But what is a place without the people in it, right? At that as well, SIBM has not disappointed me. So far I have met awesome people, from various parts of the country and abroad. It’s too soon to tell, but I am sure I will have some of them as friends for the rest of my life, and that list is growing.

Faculty: Well, it’s been just a week so I will just give one example for this. I am an Engineering Graduate and have work experience in IT. And now I am actually contemplating retrospectively that why did I not study Economics in all these years? I, of course do not understand most of the deep concepts, but seeing the world from this perspective is new and fun for me. I sincerely have the faculty to thank for that.

Activities: You just can’t sit idle here. It is a said, told and practised notion here in SIBM. And as much as we might crib about it in the beginning, it does end up being fun (at least till now ).

Exactly like right now, here I am writing this blog, which began at the crack of dawn, because I thought it is something that ‘needed’ to be done.

Little did I know I would actually end up having more words to write than this space might be able to hold…

Well, enough said and written.
Cheers to SIBM!! And to the 2 years ahead!!

Kitty Basumatary First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune