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SIBM, Pune experience – A tale of Inspiration, Competition and Education

It was a bitterly cold Saturday morning. I had a typically lazy start to a weekend, still in bed, wrapped in layers of blankets and quilts with a mug of nice and warm coffee. The day was 28th Feb, 2015, place, Delhi. With hope in my heart and butterflies in my stomach I checked the first merit list of candidates selected for the regular MBA program of SIBM, Pune. I filled in my credentials and stared at the screen in anticipation, albeit for fraction of seconds, as the result uploaded. Congratulations it said. Enough for me to spring right out my bed.

After a day of fun and frolic, I turned in for the day but sleep eluded me. It finally dawned on me that I had made it. I had cracked SNAP, a highly competitive exam in itself and made it to one of the best B schools of the country. The next few weeks went by in a jiffy with all the travel arrangements, shopping and yes ofcourse the Pre-Induction Modules, to be completed before the beginning of the academic session.

Fast forward two months and there I was in Pune. With exhaustion taking over I thought sleep would be the most appropriate thing to do on reaching the hostel but then things never pan out as u plan, do they. I was mesmerized by the abundant scenic beauty of the entire campus. Lots of places to click selfies I thought, but there is actually a lot more to this place, this campus. The air is serene, the atmosphere bustling with energy. Amidst all this came the day of Induction.

INSPIRATION- The day started with the Director’s address. Mr. R. Raman, a man with amazing speaking skills left me and everybody else in the auditorium spellbound. He emphasized on the importance of asking questions as well as adding value to oneself on a daily basis. Then came the address by Mr. S. B. Mujumdar, Chancellor of Symbiosis International University. The ‘Padma Shri’ and ‘Padma Bhushan’ awardee is the one who has built this university brick by brick, and the credit of building and shaping many a fine careers should probably be given to him. Then came the icing on the cake, when Mr. Prakash Iyer, CEO Mumbai Indians, amongst other things, set the stage on fire with his words of wisdom and his swagger. The ensemble of people of such high pedigree in front of me was absolutely awe inspiring and I vowed to stick to their words for as long as possible.

COMPETITIOIN- Then came the opportunity to mingle with loads of new people, make friends, network and generally have fun. All in the form of a competition which provided us with an opportunity to showcase our talents. Some really well-crafted and directed plays were put up on the stage as were some well-choreographed dance performances. Of course a few funny dance performs stood out and will surely stand the test of time on Youtube. The day ended on a pretty sweet note for us as our group won the second prize in the skit competition. Party was on.

EDUCATION- Then came the day which many, most certainly me, dreaded. An exam was conducted based on our learnings from the Pre-induction Modules. Although I managed to breeze through most of it, the exam showcased that the quality or seriousness of education should never be doubted or taken for granted in this institute. And now that we have started with our regular classes, the pedagogy has been most impressive. The faculty seems polished and well versed with not only with their course curriculum but also with various practices followed in a wide range of industries.

Even though 15 odd days is too short a time to come to any sort of conclusions but I believe it would not be too far-fetched to say that SIBM, Pune was a right choice to make and that this could be a stepping stone for me to reach out and achieve my goals and make my dreams come true.

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