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SIBM, Pune – Assorted thoughts.

The creation of an educational institute is often an act of faith, and the expression of that faith is a tremendous philosophy that guides the action of all those who fashion such institutions.

Welcome to SIBM Pune. My fortnight journey here, has been more than an experience, its rather  an unsung saga which outreaches to you and makes you wonder about the unseen dimensions of the place. Enveloped by nature, embraced by clouds, graced by Maa Saraswati and nurtured by erudite professors.

It has been a blessing to be here at SIBM. My first week revolved around meeting and interacting with some superb people who themselves have been legends in their own arena. Trust me, in the past two weeks I chanced upon meeting a photographer, a lawyer, a stock broker and a NIFT graduate.  This amalgamation of intellectuals streak gets reflected in our classroom discussions wherein we get to know and learn about the topic from other’s perspective. We not only learn, but unconsciously grow in the process, collectively as a group.

And there’s so much to learn about the different cultures people bring along with them. Understanding  their  traditions and demography  is purely out of my interest, but the other side of it is from the perspective of an MBA graduate for if I’m well versed with the tastes of that state, I would be in a better  position to brand my product there. So you see, an MBA is all about takeaways. It is more of a listening affair than a speaking one.

If the walls could speak, they would have spoken about the legacy of yesteryears and the seamless dedication of our past batches whose efforts helped in creating the name which today, stands tall in the form of the brand SIBM Pune.

It is hard to articulate my thoughts about this place, for you have to come here and experience it yourself. But here’s a quote by Kurt Cobain which somewhat justifies my thoughts : I found it hard, It’s hard to find , O well whatever , Never mind.

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