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SIBM Pune – An experience worth experiencing

It all started on 21st December 2014, when SNAP was conducted and thousands competed to get into one of the top B-schools in India, SIBM Pune. Months later, I was there at this beautiful campus strategically located at the hilltop, for my GIPIWAT round. As I strolled through the corridors of academic block of SIBM, with my luggage in one hand and documents in other, my brain bombarded me with numerous thoughts, “Is this the place where I will spend next 2 years?”…. “What’s the score of India vs Pakistan cricket match?”…. “What will the panelists questions in the interview?”. The day ended fairly well, I got the offer letter in the next week and was back at the hilltop campus after few months.

The two-week long induction programme was the perfect platform to meet our batch mates and get acquainted with them. Winning the social skit was indeed an enthralling experience. Also, it was rightly said by the Aspiration Relations Team that during this period you would meet some people who would go on to become your lifelong friends.

The morning walk from hostel to academic block is amazing in itself; you meet and greet hundreds of students on the way and you simply cannot ignore the view on your left, the never-ending hilly terrain of the Western Ghats. The cafeteria and amphitheater are the favourite hang out spots after classes. Also, the view from the amphitheater is surreal and it’s the best place to watch a splendid sunset. Even after a long day at college attending lectures, the students are thriving with energy and are involved in some sports or the other. Be it jogging, cycling, football, cricket, basketball, gym, swimming; and this motivates everyone around them. The college provides us with numerous opportunities but it’s up to us how well we utilize them. The night canteen is a boon for the late night hunger pangs of students where each table is center for some activity, group discussions on topics varying from latest movies, cricket match, politics, to people singing on top of their voices and students finishing their assignments.

As we enter our fourth week at the hilltop campus, we welcome back our seniors and get helpful insights from them, we also gear up for the various competitions, assignments, projects that come our way.