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SIBM, Pune – An experience

It was 11th Februrary! After sleeping late the night before and having woken up pretty early on that day, I was anxious, anxious about giving interview for one of the best bschools in India. It was the first interview that I gave outside my home city. My anxiousness was turning into a nightmare as even the cab driver refused to go to Symbiosis International University, Lavale, as it was little far from the main city-Pune. I somehow managed to reach the campus on time. As I was going to the top, I couldn’t get more excited. Slowly my mood was getting uplifted, and when I sat on the parking pavement and watched the sunrise, well, I can never forget that moment. It’s not just about paraprashing, but I was actually feeling very good and I decided that I was going to enjoy rather than be anxious about the GEPI process.  The moderator I was assigned, Pradeep, just added to great time I was having. The entire process was very smooth and I had the best interview experience of the season. I was sure that I would get in and I felt happy about the fact that how the campus experience actually changed my mood.

I always planned to pursue MBA in India and having cleared SNAP and the other processes, I was geared up for the rollercoaster ride and I am happy that I am on board. Life in the first two weeks has been wonderful to say the least. No Bshool experience is an experience without friends and I am glad that I could make some really awesome friends just in these two weeks and I hope to continue to make more as I spend more time here. Interactions with the faculty members and seniors were really helpful about choosing the specialization. Classes have started in full flow and I can already sense that MBA in Symbiosis is an experience rather than academics. Seniors have been really helpful and I am encouraged to see their own excitement. As the evening sets in, we don’t need to go outside to have fun, we are already having all the fun inside the campus, in/around the hostels, mess, Oh yes! According to me, the mess is the best place, where students from all SIU colleges come and bond. It feels wonderful to just hang around in the area outside the mess.

SIBM is a student’s college and I am eagerly waiting for the events to start. I am sure I would get as busy as I thought I would be, once the council and other activities start. So cheers to the new memories, that all of us would make!! I am sure I would read this again after the two years and reflect about the exciting journey of my rollercoaster ride.


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