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SIBM, Pune – An experience

Well, long before this feeling could sink in, I was there. 1st June 2015 (Monday) is the day I can never forget in my life. After a long tryst with SNAP and work experience of around 2 years, I was desperately waiting to join my dream league of institutions. And more so because it was one of the top B schools, and hence it felt like a dream come true and one just can’t wait to live this dream.

It was a Sunday, the office was closed but someone from the administration helped us in reaching the hostel. As we stepped out of the cab, we were mesmerized by the beautiful campus. After dumping our bags in the hostel, we immediately left to explore Pune. We saw the near around places in the city, found the markets to shop in, and just generally freaked out. It couldn’t get better than this! This was perhaps one of the best starts one can ever have, seeing the city before seeing the classrooms. A perfect Day Zero!

When we returned to the hostel, we decided to test the mess to know what our fate would be like. As we ate, we all thought to ourselves, “Hmm.. this is good food..” And yes it was good! That day. At least, far better than what one gets at most under-grad hostels.

After dinner, we spent time exchanging stories, interacting with others in the hostel and imagining how 1st June 2015 would be. Finally the wait was over, the day dawned and we, with full enthusiasm to OFFICIALLY call ourselves students of SIBM-P, were ready well before time. The actual day was crazy. Met nearly everyone I knew from the Facebook group of SIBM-P – seniors and batch mates alike.

How can I forget another interesting conversation that my friend and I shared on 1st while sitting in the auditorium. Well, when others were busy listening to orientation speeches, we were busy imagining how we can study in such a campus that gives you a hill station feeling. Our debate continued for an hour until we finally realized – ok, we will have to balance it out.

So this was the first-crazy-official day at SIBM-P. Trust me, no matter how hectic your schedule is, no matter how many case studies you are burdened with, at the end of the day – it feels heavenly. It feels great to say you belong to the Symbiosis Family. You belong to a place where millions crave to reach but only few make it finally. The journey has been exceptionally wonderful so far. And I hope it shall always be, for each one of you reading this.

At the end, I’d just like to say one thing. Enjoy your stay while you’re here! Chances are few that you will get to enjoy this hectic-yet-crazy college life again in future.


Sudhanshu Batta – First Year MBA student @SIBM, Pune