SIBM is one of the best institution, MBA in India. In education, SIBM succeed to provide knowledge and make potential product to the students. Commitment about facilities is really good. When I enter to Symbiosis International University, it was amazing moment and no bound of happiness to expose it. Beautiful views and green mountains outside of my hostel balcony seems am still in my country, Nepal. Awesome climate, nice people and healthy environment constructed. Perfect sports equipped recreation and wellness center and medical center. Hygienic food are available even night café facilitated here.

In regards of pre-induction period, SIBM make us to explore our feelings and expose us to know others. People from different places and countries are here to study. Of course, they were all first-years too and in reality none of us knew where we were meant to be or what we were meant to be doing. But it felt nice. It was a wonderful time that we have during induction period and was quite a surreal feeling seeing all these seemingly knowledgeable people and thinking ‘I’m one of them’. Instantly, we got to knew good professor and interacted with intelligent lectures. In this induction days, I feel great opportunity to introduce with people and meet a nice people. This program made us to interact with new friends and continue to forward our days in optimistic opinion.

In approach to our specialization, this program made us to inspired, developed passion   and positive response to choose our interested specialize what our feeling wants and great helpful to reach our destination. I really became more appreciated with SIBM seeing classrooms, structure of college, rules and regulations, libraries and so on. Probably, it is good decision to study here and lucky to be a part of SIBM, Pune.

Keshan Thapa Magar, First Year MBA Student@ SIBM, Pune