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SIBM, Pune – An experience

When you think of the top B schools in India, SIBM-Pune is surely going to be one of them. And when it comes to campus life, it tops all the b-schools in India, you will be overwhelmed by the mesmerising beauty of nature and the astounding weather of the Lavale campus.Taking a round through the campus on the top of hill, we will see there are many recreational facilities, hobby clubs, sports facilities on campus which makes it more valuable in life journey of SIBM-Pune. One of the best parts across SIBM-Pune is that cycling is much more common here than in any other parts of India.

What to say about students here? At SIBM-Pune a student flourishes personally and professionally. It is rightly said by others about the students of SIBM-Pune that once they are in SIBM-Pune they have a permanent tattoo on their arms that reads “DANGER: These students are completely crazy and dangerously in the habit of doing work to perfection. Avoid Contact.”

As famously quoted ” Knowledge is unveiling of the truth. The truth is the same every where. Application is by way of doing what has been learnt, the skill is gained by practice and experience.” These all concepts & learnings can be achieved at one place and that is SIBM-PUNE.

– Smit Pandey First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune