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SIBM Pune- an Experience

The day I received a call from SIBM Pune , it was like dream come true. I started off my SIBM journey on 1 st June, greeted by the awesome weather of the hilltop campus and breathtaking view of the Pune city this place provided. Moving into my allocated room of old girls hostel, I prepared myself for the experiences this place has to offer.

1st week was the Preinduction time, filled with a lot of ice breaking sessions that made me familiar with other associates, and helped in forging a bond.The talent round which gave me a chance to explore the hidden talent to perform on stage in a team and winning the first prize in skit competition was a real kick-start to the SIBM pune journey .It was the first time I performed on stage and winning this thing boosted my confidence manifolds.   As we were new to the place, the motivational speeches from the legends, professors, councils helped in adjusting to the new environment and being ready for further challenges. We also went for an industrial visit to manufacturing plant of Bisleri on 4th day.

Our seniors joined on 15th June, and they have been interactive with us from the very first day. Sharing their experiences and guiding us through the way. Learning from their experiences I am very delighted and I look forward to and enlightening two years as a part of this prestigious Institute called SIBM Pune.