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SIBM, Pune – An experience

“Ctrl+C”,”Alt+Tab”,”Ctrl+V” in repeat mode, that pretty much sums up the life in an IT company(No offense to the serious coders :p) .I desperately had to get out of this rut n how!!!After some serious contemplation,soul searching,seniors advice,net searches,hard work,determination etc I managed to crack SNAP and finally set up a date with SIBM-Pune at the hilltop.

My flight from Bengaluru was scheduled at 09:00Hrs but it was delayed.Meanwhile I “networked”(the buzzword of BSchool) with few folks who were also headed to the hilltop and discussed the different questions asked elsewhere,strategies used etc.And finally after a long wait the flight took off (@18:00Hrs) and reached Pune.

Woke up early next morning and took the bus from SB.Road to Lavale.The only thing missing from my luggage was a damn sweater and the temperature kept dropping as the bus zigzagged its way up to the hilltop.Once at the top, got completely mesmerized by the beautiful panoramic view,beautiful mountains on one side the city of Pune on the other.But I had entered the prestigious Symbiosis International University campus for a different reason.

Thanks to the very cordial and efficient ART the complete process of interview,GD,verification went very smoothly.There was something else very important on that particular day i.e 15th February(Ring any bells??)……….Ofcourse it was the much awaited IND v PAK world cup match!!!Watched Kohli score his century while snacking on the famous Vada-Pav at the canteen.I left the SIBM campus only wishing to come back for a much longer stay in a hope to pursue my MBA degree in one of the finest B-School in India.

Finally I’m here and now as I come to think of it,that was all just a trailer and the actual movie has just begun.The induction programmes,alumni meets and ice-breaking sessions were all just a way to settle us in our seats n buckle up for this roller coaster of a ride and we are all here set to go….

Karan Neralakatte First Year MBA student@SIBM,Pune