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SIBM, Pune – An experience

I have always had a crush on SIBM after hearing about her beauty and charm from friends. But I fell head over heels in love with her , the moment I arrived at the hill-top campus for the interview . There she was , in the middle of wilderness , pristine in her beauty , overwhelming in her hospitality and charm ! ! The Interview process was seamlessly handled by the ART ( Aspirants Relations Team). Though my interview went very well , I was scared whether I will be able to unite with her as my GD was not that good .



I was on the way from Pondicherry to Pune in the Chaklukya Express. It was 27th May , evening 6:00 PM. I was getting extremely nervous and restless as the Data Connectivity was bad. Finally the train stopped in a station and there was a ‘beep’ sound in my cell phone. I received a whatsaap message !!! I got data Connectivity !! I did not want to miss the opportunity . I opened the SIU login page and typed my SNAP id and password with trembling hands. I was able to literally hear my own heart beat while the page was loading . Finally !!!


MBA – SIBM Pune Merit list


I checked it again and Yaaaay !!! A moment of Euphoria !!! I cleared SIBM-Pune in the 4th waitlist(WL -126)   when I was on the way to join SCMHRD !! This was when I realized the significance and relevance of the quote in The Alchemist ‘ And, when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’



From day one ,the stay over here has been blissful. Awesome room with an excellent view of the mountains ( feels like a resort ) , badminton court , Squash court , a foot ball and cricket field on the edge of the cliff , an Olympic size swimming pool and a world class gym.!! What else to ask for ! To add to that , the streaming hot tea that we get in our hostel every morning , the sumptuous meals with salads every day to the mouth-watering dishes in the midnight canteen that’s open till 2 AM. And it’s not just about the infrastructure alone. I experienced a strange phenomenon here and I still can’t believe that I( being a last bencher from class one ) am doing it . We get up early and try to go to class early so that we can sit in the first bench to get enough of the professors !!!And just in a week , such is the interest and passion that they have inculcated in us that we go to our classes with a smile in our faces and a spring in our steps , be it morning 8 AM or evening 6 PM.


The actual ‘stress’ of the MBA that the seniors talk about have not started for us yet. But I am sure that we will be able to manage anything in the world without hassles when we are right on the lap of mother nature with rock star professors to guide us.