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SIBM, Pune – An Experience

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune under Symbiosis International University is a highly renowned B school in Pune. After going through the rigorous selection process from SNAP to the GDPI, I finally got accepted in the Best B School in the area! The campus is extremely beautiful and stunning scenery is found at all times of the day. It actually felt like a resort of sorts in the very beginning and many of us wondered how we would be able to concentrate on our studies with the amazing ambience that pervades here in Lavale. It was a treat to see rainbows almost daily and even hear peacocks calling out early in the day. In fact I even saw a rare double rainbow from my room one evening! It is with great pride that I say that SIBM Pune, is certainly one of the most picturesque schools of MBA in India.


The entire pre-induction was helpful in myriad ways: getting to know more about the various specializations from distinguished alumni to an industrial visit to planning skits for the talent round! In fact some of my best moments and bonding happened while preparing for the skit! Truly the long pre-induction was a fantastic experience in itself.


Apart from being a student driven institute, SIBM offers us so many opportunities to participate in a plethora of sports, wellness and competitive activities for our holistic development. The people I have met and the many friends I have made during these past few weeks leave no doubt in my mind that the next two years of MBA in Symbiosis are going to be life changing.  🙂


Aditi Sangawar

MBA (First Year)