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SIBM-Pune, An Experience.

When I first got the admit letter from SIBM pune, one of the best B schools in India, my joy knew no bounds. If there was any image of a college in a heaven then it would be of the campus of SIBM, Pune. At the same time I was told the MBA life will be very hectic, so that same day I made up my mind that I’m going to make the most of the three months before my college starts by travelling places.

Somehow I could not explore all the places I wanted to and was disappointed. But not for long. The first 2 weeks in SIBM-pune, Symbiosis international university, which is located on a hill top, was indeed all I could ask for. I experienced the joy here in two weeks which I would have got in that 3 month vacation. The hills, the drizzling, the diversity. The talent round and the Ice breaking sessions made sure everyone was familiar with one another which is very important in a B-school. Not only are my peers extremely talented but also very compassionate. This speaks volumes about the intense selection procedure which the SIBM aspirants go through.
The seniors and the teachers are never tired of answering our questions(how much ever stupid they are) patiently, with a smiling face. After the first two weeks, I am sure that the next two years will be the best of my life considering the place, people and the process of learning .

Dheeraj R, First year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune.