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SIBM, Pune – An experience

MBA in India is considered as one of the most prestigious degree andoing MBA in Symbiosis adds value to it. SIBM Pune, the word when comes into the mind of a MBA aspirants fills his heart with the feeling of proud and inspiration. An ambition and a dream to become the part of prestigious B school of our country. However entering to the family of Symbiosis is not so easy; one has to clear the exam of SNAP, which is widely known to be as one of the toughest exam in India. Moreover the main attraction of this B School is the city Pune which entice a lot of students due to its academic, geographical and climatic condition. Although there are also many good B School in Pune, but this considered as the Best B School not only in Pune but in whole Symbiosis International University.
Giving the SNAP exam and getting selecting to its one of the top institute, SIBM Pune ,will give you a feeling of both proud and excitement. Luckily I got selected in it and was on the way to start this new journey of my career. This was my first time to Pune. I booked a cab from Pune Railway station to SIBM Pune. As I was entering to this hilly area I got a little confused, am I really going towards a B School or a hill station to enjoy the vacation? I was completely stunned after seeing the location of this institute. Although the cab driver overcharged me cited reason that it was outside the Pune but the amazing, chilling environment and feeling of the part of Best B School overcame my overprice grief which most of boys usually mind.
If I say this B school’s Environment is like a paradise on earth then it won’t surprise others. It has the most beautiful campus which will make you feel as if you are in the beautiful part on earth. As the institute is built on the top hill, the natural view of the rainy clouds and cool breeze was making me feel as I am in another world. However being a boy what amazed me the most is distance between girls and boys hostel, all the hostels are adjacent to each other which was exact opposite to my presumed thinking of Engineering education! Thanks God it is not just like my Engineering environment which made me feel to keep distance between boys and girls for four years. I found a different but positive environment to mix up with all. What else an Engineer turning to a MBA student needs when he finds all the facility near to his hostel like Cricket ground, Swimming pool, Badminton court and my favorite GYM. Am I really living in a Hostel or a resort? Well the distance from my Hostel to college in a rush and a feeling of worry of not losing my attendance always make me realize that Yes I am doing MBA in Symbiosis.
My doubt about its best faculty was cleared when I got a chance to interact with the teacher of this institute. I found the academic environment of this institute is very strong. This institute has the best teachers with vast knowledge and experience in their subject which again will give you an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge. One has an ample opportunity sail into the ocean of knowledge. A peaceful but elegant library, guest lectures, experience of seniors and teachers, all these invite me to gain as much I can.
If I talk about the infrastructure of this college then I must say that the Architect design of buildings, water fall near the building and Night view of college make me feel like a resort. Getting Higher Education in this amazing atmosphere is making me excited. Although all these are only my starting days of my college but I feel that many things are still awaiting for me for giving the real experience of MBA world. All I can say that I am at the right place for my new start in a new world. I don’t know where I would be after two years but I want to make two years as my most memorable years.

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