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“SIBM, Pune”… absolutely Right Choice!!!

“The journey you wish to take can only begin from where you are right now this very minute.”

-Ron Atchison

Same words echoed in my ears when I walked in through the Symbiosis international University main gate. The next two years were looking somehow foggy at that moment. The institute, its reputation and me !!! well,  It felt like  an immense responsibility and it is so. Joining one of the popular B-school with flagship is always the fortune for MBA aspirant like me. No doubt that we will be served here with great amount of knowledge , expertise from brilliant faculties and the corporate exposure which will nourish us.

The first week itself was full of inspiring lectures from various higher authorities of institute which motivated us. Interaction with alumnus cleared our doubts and enhanced our vision for specialization. Then came Ice breaking sessions and team building activities. Opting for MBA in SIBM, Pune can definitely ensures you that you will always come across the best set of peers from which you can learn many things, their work experiences suddenly become your knowledge or vice-versa. If you are keen and interactive then entire Lavale hill-top can be your territory. Social bonds can be established and enhanced with students of other institutes like SITM, SIMC and SSBF. needless to say that  this social network will define you and your way of getting groomed with success and glories.

Being from Humid Mumbai, the most adorable thing I found in Pune is Its chilling weather And Lavale hill-top is heaven for nature admirers like me.  Infrastructure of college along with its amphi theatre made it in the list of top 20 college campuses in India. Being  part of residential MBA programme , Hostel life is what you get as a mandatory part of package deal which is the best at SIBM, Pune.

All of these things are new to me but just in two weeks I am getting addicted to them. Rainy mornings, windy evenings and chilling nights are  making me fall in love with this campus. There is one saying in Sanskrit as “मम शक्तिः त्वत्तः आगच्छति “ (my strength comes from you). That’s true. This B-school along with its campus is always thrusting with motivation, knowledge and everything which can be helpful to accompany you throughout  life. While exploring campus with friends, we came across the Helipad and one message carved over there. and It was

“When you go from here , please tell them of us, we build leadership for future.”

It made me mumble to myself that……

YES !!! I made RIGHT DECISION of choosing SIBM, Pune . Needless to say that I’m proud of  it.


Amit Bonde
MBA,I Year