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SIBM Pune – A Visual Paradise

For a candidate having job experience, higher studies seems to be the only possible way to take hiatus from the boring monotonous life and add value to one’s career. He strives tirelessly to prepare himself for facing the hot shot competitive entrance exams and also hopes luck to be by his side so that he gets to the top B-schools in India. I was also in the same condition a year back and with sheer hard work and the grace of God could position myself into one of the premier B-schools in India.
Having worked in a thermal power plant where there is coal, ash, high pressure systems and roaring equipments, SIBM-Pune seems to be the perfect place for being far far away from the industrial hullabaloo. The weather is always pleasant and the sky is painted with all possible combination of hues which is at nature’s disposal. The patterns of cloud formed is mesmerizing which makes me take out my camera to capture those mind boggling moments and show to the world, and also make it jealous, the fabulous place that I am staying at.

The lush greenery of the campus is something that takes away the stress out of the mind after having done with the day long class-room sessions. The water fountain at the entrance of the Symbiosis International University (SIU) building exhumes an aura of peace. The smooth flowing sheet of glistening water is an ultimate symbol of consonance and beauty alongwith serving as an appropriate example of laminar flow. The view of the valley from the hostel room balcony is breathtaking. The valley which is surrounded by hills and often blanketed by clouds seem to be the work of an artist drawn neatly to perfection.

SIBM-Pune seems to have fulfilled my childhood dreams of living at a hill station. I would sincerely like to request the greatest minds of our time to quickly come up with making the process of time dilation practical so that I would be able to cherish the best two years of my life to the fullest.

Soumik Nath First Year MBA@SIBM-Pune