My journey of pursuing higher education in management started since last year. I was working as an IT professional in one of the largest IT companies of India. Working as a technical guy I was always fascinated towards the business side of things especially the banking domain. So I made up my mind to pursue a MBA probably in Finance as it would give me the knowledge and skill to start my career in the business domain. Even working 12 hours a day I somehow extracted time to study and prepare for various competitive exams including SNAP. Finally the day came when I got selected to SIBM Pune and I was elated by my achievement. Initially I was a bit skeptic to join SIBM. But then the brand name of SIBM kicked in. Whoever I asked whether my seniors, colleagues, family or friends all of them advised me to join SIBM without any second thoughts. The brand name of Symbiosis had an extraordinary aura both within and outside India. Finally I resigned from my job and joined SIBM Pune.

Now let me share my 2 weeks experience in SIBM. When I first reached the SIBM Lavale campus I was greeted by this sprawling campus which is in the midst of Mother Nature. On the first day of induction I was spellbound by the amazing speeches given by the Founder of Symbiosis, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Symbiosis University and other dignitaries. But the speech rather the learning that I got from the Director of SIBM Pune really enthralled me. I was totally surprised by the excerpts of Sanskrit Litereature that our Director mentioned in his speech. Inspite of SIBM being a modern and prestigious B school I found it really inspiring and unique that its values and foundation stemmed from such ancient literature. The next most exciting event was the ice breaking sessions and subsequently the cultural programs that followed. This was a really innovative idea to not only help bonding between the newcomers but it also provided a great platform for the performers who had such unique talent. I also enjoyed and learnt a great deal from the industrial visit that happened the following week. The industrial visit to the Coca Cola company was very informative and useful to any aspiring MBA student. I have already made some amazing friends and I look to make many more such friends in the near future.

Lastly I would like to say that I am happy that I made the decision to join SIBM and I m sure this institute will help me with all its people and resources to not only achieve my dreams but also make me a more complete and humble person.I feel proud to be a member of SIBM Pune which is not only the best B school of Pune but
also one of the most prestigious B schools in India.