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SIBM PUNE- A journey of thousand miles….

Sometimes you just see your dream come true, without having much time to ponder on the hard works it took you to reach there and leaving behind the difficult times you faced in reaching there. More than my faith in God and support I received from my parents that I owe my success in getting selected for pursuing my MBA at SIBM-Pune.
It’s a great pride to be part of one of the most reputed and prestigious institutions in our country. It elites me more on being part and parcel of Symbiosis International University so soon that if never feels as if it was just fortnight that I joined the institution. Having undergone one of the toughest exam of SNAP and beating so many competitors , gives you more than global recognition a proud feeling of being associated with one of the best B –schools.
On reaching SIBM in Knowledge Village Lavale, on hilltop gives one an outbound mixture of experiences from enjoying the ecstatic and serene beauty with perfect blend of nature around you with arousal of happiness seeing the rains that come like a fog leaving behind essence of joy and loveliness. It seems this journey of MBA is a roller coaster journey of thousands of miles to be traveled before we foresee ourselves well-nourished and having attained the accomplishment of making ourselves a step better than what we were before.
Looking forward to this roller coaster ride of two years, I have all hopes high in nurturing myself from an engineer to a person with overall development and take a step high on the ladder of success. Looking forward from the journey of 15 days beginning from the amazing pre-induction ,getting ourselves bonded with others and breaking over the cocoon to fly over and have experiences of life @SIBM is what is making me more excited for this journey to progress. 🙂
Tuhina Kharbanda- First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune