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SIBM – Learning in the lap of nature…

‘On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.’
– Jules Renard

Little did I know that one day I would land up in one of them, and that too so soon. Words can’t describe the divine serenity one experiences with the first rays of light on this campus, nor can they describe the rush of energy the wind infuses after a long day of lectures, nor can they capture the exuberance of the students  living the best two years of their lives and neither can the words match the peace which tucks every dreaming soul here in bed in a home away from home.  I see the truth in the words of all the students who have walked through the gates of this heaven – “You can’t know about SIBM without experiencing it.”

Having completed my graduation in Pune, I was well aware about the pioneering achievements of the Symbiosis International University, be it in the field of Economics, Social Sciences, Law, Media, Engineering, Health Sciences or Management Education. In this maddening race called ‘MBA in India’, SIBM definitely features as one of the best B schools in the country and is undoubtedly the best B School in Pune.  And with a hill-station like setting, it simply couldn’t get any better. As one the of the speakers was rightly puzzled during the induction – Where do SIBM students go for a vacation!

Though it has been just over two weeks since I entered the Gates of Heaven, the experience has been exhilarating, something I had never experienced before. The  campus is teeming with life all day (more so during the night), playing, cracking jokes, running, cycling, building friendships (or more)…learning…dreaming…and creating. The experienced yet youthful faculty infuse knowledge not through long monotonous sermons but through witty jokes, poetry and by bathing us in their vast sea of experience. A mind needs to be free and unrestricted to absorb each droplet in this ocean of knowledge. The unique setting  of the classrooms and lecture halls invigorates the mind to explore further and learn better. And the numerous sports facilities help keep the temple of our mind in good shape. I can’t describe how invincible one feels while playing football in what I call ‘The ground in the air’ (It probably comes closest to the feeling Roger Federer and Andre Agassi must have had during their historic match on top of Burj-al-Arab). Lastly, the divine idol of Saraswati overlooking the campus, signifies the importance of learning (in the lap of nature) and reassures me that I am looked after and protected.

The tale has just begun, many more chapters are to be written. Many bonds will be forged, I hope none broken. Some may find love in their life, some may find life in what they love. Some will taste the success sweet, some probably bitter. Some may reach further on a path well tread, some may make new paths for the ones afraid. There will be ups and downs,  hope and despair to bother, but this MBA from Symbiosis will give be an experience like no other.