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Social Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell’s (SECC) unique event ‘Pride and Passion’

Social Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell (SECC), SIBM Pune launched E-Summit 2016 on 5th August 2016. E-Summit 2016 had a unique event titled “Pride and Passion” where industry stalwarts step up on the dais and share their journey and personal experiences with the students.


This year’s edition, SECC was proud to host Mr. Rahul Narvekar, CEO Indian Roots—an NDTV ethnic retail venture; Mr. HarshadLahoti, Co-founder, Ah! Ventures and Mr. Ashwin Sanghi, Author, Krishna Key and Chanakya’s Chant.

Mr. Rahul Narvekar shared with the students his journey, narrating various ups and downs in both professional and personal spheres of his life. He also advised to be active in extra-curricular activities and not keep one’s nose buried in the book.

Mr. Harshad Lahoti had Q&A session with the students where in many asked him questions regarding funding of start-ups. Mr. Lahoti gave an investors perspective, when it come to  funding a start-up. He also shared pointers on how to pitch projects to prospective investors.


Mr. Ashwin Sanghi presented on “The Power of Failure” and narrated his journey as an author.  He gave examples of famous books which had faced multiple rejections initially but later became bestsellers.



All the three speakers had one message in common – Work hard & Work smart.

SIBM-2All SIBM Pune students immensely benefited from the sessions, “Pride and Passion”  was hosted with Pride by the Passionate SECC team !

Dr Ramakrishnan Raman

Director – SIBM, Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU