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Mr. Rajesh Hurkat, Head HR, Mattel India @ SIBM Pune

Mr. Rajesh Hurkat, Head HR, Mattel India and an alumnus of SIBM, Pune conducted an interactive session with the students, with the emphasis being on ‘Designing High Performance Organisation’. Mr. Hurkat provided ample insights from his vast experience as a HR engineering professional and spoke about the changing landscape in the toys industry. He talked about the current trends in the industry and how toys are transitioning from mere games to learning and development tools, a market that has a huge potential across the globe.


Mr. Hurkat engaged the crowd with live case studies and personal examples of situation he had to deal with in the real world. He also touched upon managerial concepts like recruitment strategies and the importance of a clear hiring pitch, the focus laying on ‘Designing organization for success’.

He concluded the session with insights on how companies are increasingly interacting with millennial for acquiring new perspectives for the industry challenges

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