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Nothing is impossible

One morning when i received a call i could not believe that i was selected for SIBM, Pune. I  was actually excited  but at the same time i was was nervous , as it was going to be my first time i will be outside my home country.Since it was my dream to study in Sibm, Pune and i was selected for the same i was really very happy.Now, when i have reached here i am liking each and every thing here.The first thing that impressed me was the staff members in an international office.They were really suportive and helpful.Secondly,  when i actually saw the university i was really enthralled. SIBM is amazing.It is huge and everything here is just so beautiful. Now i am enjoying here and i dont feel like i am somewhere outside my home country.

SIBM not only focuses on a academic part of a student but it largely focuses on developing the entire personality of the student.It is driven by the student council that makes the overall development of the student. The induction program was very insightful and ice breaking session was amazing .Looking forward to make best out of it…