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Mr Venkatesh Iyer , Founder and CEO – Goli Vadapav at SIBM Pune

Mr Venkatesh Iyer, the Founder and CEO of Goli Vadapav, India’s largest national ethnic fast food Chain, launched his inspiring book “My Journey with Vada Pav” at SIBM, Pune on 14th December 2016.

Mr Iyer gave the students valuable lessons in Management and Entrepreneurship. He shared with them, his motivations and explained the necessity of failures in his life. He quoted great leaders and writers and took the students through the journey of the Vada Pav success story, from the opening of the first store in 2004 to its overwhelming popularity in the recent years.The session provided great motivation to students of the college and was a learning experience.

Mr Iyer a visionary has had over 15 years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking and has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs translate ideas into storyboards using his unique strength of critical thinking, imagination and communication. But he is best known for the “corporatization” of the humble Vadapav and making it a popular brand across India and is set out to brand it at par with pizzas and burgers all over the world.

He has been invited as an inspirational speaker and delivered more than 250 talks on Goli Vadapav story in India and abroad at various large entrepreneurial summits and business schools like Harvard, ISB Hyderabad, SIBM, Pune  and others

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