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Moving in, Moving on…

Novelty is the panacea for ennui and stress. MBA in India is one that provides you a platform to make your own identity. Here you are not uniformly dressed school children. There are peers but not parity. There is so much to do apart from the academics. People have different notions and different interests, and an institution like SIBM PUNE which has been ranked 12th BEST B SCHOOL  by Business World in Business School Ranking makes all these talents to coordinate and excel.

I nervously scooted across the back seat of the taxi, making room for additional boxes and feeling quite overwhelmed by my ability to over pack. Today was move-in day. The beginning of the rest of my life, as MBA in Symbiosis is a lifetime opportunity as many said. I had pictured this day since I attempted SNAP. After reading my congratulatory acceptance email from Symbiosis International University I had many questions in my mind like what would my room look like? Who would my roommates be? What conversations would we begin and timidly end, like those typical awkward first-encounters? I awaited a future that felt as mysterious as SIBM’s random hostel room assignment and roommate selection. I was a bit nervous and tensed at the same time but the short and thrilling ride to campus felt like a journey of a lifetime with the beautiful weather.

This B School in Pune with a lovely campus and breath-taking scenic beauty which I would soon call home bustled with students and faculty eager to welcome the Class of 2015-2017. In all sincerity, I must have hit all of the major photo points. I was officially a Symbi student. And the feeling was terrifying, yet equally exhilarating. Too much of my dismay, I found that my room was located on the second floor of the old boys hostel. I quickly came to regret the endless number of baggage that I packed, figuring that I would likely not use half of what I brought and carry it all the way up by myself.

Shashank Gupta First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune