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Marico “Over the Wall” Launch.

Marico Limited launched the 2017 edition of the ‘Over the Wall’ challenge at the SIBM Pune campus . The concept for the 5th season is based on ‘Make a Difference’, a notion that has been a part of Marico’s DNA for numerous years. Mr. Sanjiv Agarwal, Head – Sales Transformation & Capability at Marico Limited, who has been involved with the competition over the years addressed the marketing students with nuances from his vast FMCG experience.

He provided insights from the business world, related to the field of sales and marketing, emphasizing on Marico’s reach in the market, channel partner relations, distribution models, and sales structures, in sync with the case study to be worked upon.

Mr. Agarwal also spoke about the importance of de-risking a company’s product offering by increasing the product portfolio and maximizing the product range across various outlets.