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Mahindra’s Logistics Initiative ‘LOGIQUEST’ launched at SIBM Pune

A Mahindra Logistics Initiative- LOGIQUEST – was launched at SIBM Pune on 24th September 2016.
Ms. Rama Malik, Vice President at Mahindra Logistics Limited was the speaker for the day. Logistics and supply chain management is gaining a lot of importance and is going to be the driving force for the nations growth  story. Hence, Mahindra has come up with the concept of LOGIQUEST, to create an effective understanding of third party logistics and dynamics of the Logistics Industry and bridge the gap between management studies and industrial realities.
The purpose LOGIQUEST, is to allow the inflow of new ideas and proposals from young minds and also to identify aspiring leaders at an early stage. The challenges span across industries with priority given to quality and depth of research.
The students of SIBM Pune showed great enthusiasm and participated with zeal and also interacted with the speaker during the launch of the event.
Dr R Raman
Director – SIBM, Pune
Dean- Faculty of Management – SIU