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Living Life, SIBM Size!!

Somewhere amidst the serene Lavale hills
Surrounded by nature’s ravishing thrills
I find myself lonely in the crowd
And can hear the Silence loud
The Silence does speak to me
Pulls me along, makes me see
A rare mix I’ve never seen
In a world I’ve never been
Learning coupled with fun
Enjoying being on the run
Always bright, never gleam
The campus is every painter’s dream
The Silence challenges me then
To compete the brush with a pen
The fight is intense and solemn
And marks my usual day at SIBM!!!


This is indeed the truth. It’s a fight on my platter each day I am in the campus, my weapon being my pen. And the fight never seizes to end!!!

Learning happens best when you are in the ‘mode’. Mode might be a term in businessstats but the SIBM makes sure that the former one is well taken care of thanks mostly to the beauty it’s surrounded with. My Life@SIBM  gets a significant influence by the non-human factors around me.

Talking about humans, the lecturers give me a different vision to look at things, different angles to suss a case and different shoes to tread on the path of thinking. Business management was something I always wanted to learn, little did I know that it can’t be learnt, it can only be inculcated through actual practice.  It’s like learning to ride a bicycle; you learn it not through theory but only through trying to ride it. SIBM makes me learn to ride the bicycle of business management by actually making me do that and rest assured I am enjoying the ride.

Then there are friends who fall in the human category. With people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, countries, it’s truly an enriching experience to share and learn from them. It’s like having a complete meal. I should necessarily say that as I am put up with a Bengali, a Telugu, a Rajasthani and two Punjabis. And I, the Marathi mulga,loves the variedness dished to me.

Life at MBA, specially the first year could be tasking and no doubt is. You have all basic topics to study, then the assignments and yes the discipline/rules to be abided by. The nature around you does the healing effect. A cup of tea and Puneri wada-pav is just a perfect solution to your tiredness. Rarely would a day go that I don’t resort to this solution. So ‘studies with fun’ is what I enjoy in this wonderful campus.

Life@SIBM is a wonderful learning experience; rarely does a person get to interact with the business leaders so frequently and from them fuel the fire inside you.  I can never forget the awe-inspiring lecture by Ad-guru Prahlad Kakkar; he would surely have changed the lives of many through his candidness.

SIBM brings with it the challenges as well; it’s a test for you to acclimatise to the newness of the learning experience (absolute no spoon-feeding) and again the variety of people around you. So management learning is not just limited to business but also to people management. This is where I believe is a sterner test of your character. So before you face the heat in the corporate world to tackle with different people, you already have had a dress-rehearsal of two years in the campus to put you in a great stead.

Finally, all boils down to how good an equilibrium you are able to maintain in your life. And trust me, if you play your cards perfect as regards managing studies and fun simultaneously, the world’s a very beautiful place, much like SIBM’s campus!!!!

These two years in my life are surely going to be the marquee years and decide my career path. But the fact that I am able to manage most things without a major fuss, keeping my pen’s fight with a painter’s brush on and singing my tunes seeing the amazing greenery around makes my progression on that path all the more meaningful and cherishing!!!

Jaydeep Kakde
MBA-1 | Marketing