I feel overwhelmed as I write my first blog and try to ask myself: Why today? Why after 23 long years of my life, full of so many great experiences? The only answer to this question is SIBM, Pune. I had always wanted to write something but I never did as nothing had inspired me to pen down my thoughts. But today, I would like to share something from the bottom of my heart.

One year back, as I aspired to do my MBA, I started preparing for SNAP Exam which is conducted by Symbiosis International University (SIU). I didn’t know whether joining Symbiosis would be a correct decision or not. I got calls from SIBM as well as SCMHRD, both the top notch colleges of SIU. I went to the SIBM campus for the interview. As I entered the campus for the first time, I was awestruck by the beauty of this campus, which is located on a hill top in Lavale. I had fallen in love with the campus the moment I had entered. It certainly was one of the most “Scenic” places I have ever been to in my life. So, filled with a positive vibe and enthusiasm, I went for my interview. The long and rigorous interview process began with a very nice, inspiring and powerful speech delivered by the director and then a short video on “Journey with SIBM” which got me all cheered up. From that short video, I got to know that SIBM is a “Fully Student-Driven Institute”. Right from the Admission of the student to the Corporate Interaction to the Final Placement, everything is carried out by the Students Council. This fact fuelled my desire to get into SIBM. All my dilemma of whether or not to join Symbiosis got over as I went through the whole interview process and realized that getting into SIBM is not at all easy and the students getting past the interview would be the ones with a very strong profile. My interview went pretty well and after a few weeks my dream of getting in to SIBM came true. I was elated the moment I got my admission letter. But that feeling was momentary and faded a bit when I received another mail from them along with which were attached “Pre-Induction Modules”. These modules were supposed to be finished before I join the B-School. I started understanding the reason for it being one of the top B-Schools in the country. Even before the students join the B-School, they tried to bring the students from diverse background to the same platform with the help of those modules.

It was a great day when I first entered the campus as a student. It was a major transition from Ahmedabad’s hot weather to Pune’s comforting and breezy weather. Everything seemed to be in the right place when I entered the campus. The hostel rooms were clean, spacious and had a view of hills and a football ground. SIBM had everything planned out for all the students, right from the orientation session to the ice breaking session to the team building session to the guest sessions. I was particularly amazed by the ice-breaking session which had definitely helped me to know others in a better way. I was shy at first but relaxed and opened up gradually. It made me do things I had never done in my life like acting for a skit on a social cause & dancing for the talent round. Interestingly, only half a day was given for preparing these things. I made many friends on that day due to these planned activities. Industrial visits and fun team building activities were also planned. SIBM, Pune seemed to be complete in all aspects. It had a cricket ground, football ground, TT room, basketball court and all the games and sports facilities one can think of. In order to take care of student’s health, it has an incredible gym facility along with regular sessions of Aerobics, Yoga and Zumba dance. The quality of the food in the mess is also good enough. It has a canteen for the night owls as well. As far as the academic aspect is concerned, it has got well versed and knowledgeable faculties with each faculty having a unique and effective way of teaching. Excellent classroom and library infrastructure with thousands of books, makes it complete in terms of academic aspect as well. Moving over to the third aspect “Beautiful Campus” SIBM, Pune is truly a hill station. The beauty and the weather amazes me. One thing in particular I would like to talk about is the “Amphitheatre”. I was deeply enthralled when I reached the amphitheatre which is located on the top most portion of the hill and it had a view of the whole city of Pune. The mesmerizing sight, the pleasant weather and the loud silence together gave a feeling of being in heaven. I am sure my stint here will give me more to write about, which would be fantastic because I really enjoyed putting thought and effort into this blog. I would like to end my blog with a quote here:

“You know you have made the right decision when there is peace in your heart!”

                                                                                                                                                                                –Sabina Tabakovic

The decision to be a part of SIBM, Pune has truly been right and satisfying. The decision to write a blog, equally so.


Dhruval Doshi First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune