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Joining SIBM – The Right Decision

It all started in 2013, when I first enrolled for my MBA entrance exams. There was not even one exam that I hadn’t enrolled for. So I started my preparation two months before the exams, during which I also researched about the institutes I wanted to get into, that is when I realized that it had to be SIBM. After all the hard work for my first attempt, my SNAP score fell short.
A little disappointed but not disheartened, I decided to give it another shot in 2014. I was always sure about the fact that I wanted to get into SIBM and SIBM only (hearing such brilliant things about it from the students). So I took a chance and only sat for the SNAP, the second time around. The results came out in January’15 and voila the gamble paid off. I was ecstatic. There were some butterflies in my stomach, but on the other hand excitement was through the roof. I couldn’t wait to start my journey at SIBM.
2nd June 2015, I got to campus (now famously called “Hill Top”). I was spell-bound by the sheer beauty of it. The weather, the greenery and the infrastructure were adding to its charm. Still not over the campus charm, I settled into my room, met my roomies. Me and my roomies got along like a house on fire. After looking at the campus and meeting my roomies I knew I was in for the most awesome two years of my life.
Over the next few days, our induction program took place. A lot of dignitaries, faculty members, alumni and industry experts gave us inputs about how an MBA at SIBM would mould you to be the best in industry. The faculty also conducted various activities such as ice breaking sessions and talent round, to make us more comfortable with our fellow batch mates. As the induction program came to an end, there was a feeling that we were all a part of this Symbiosis family and that feeling made me even more proud of being at SIBM.
Someone had said,”MBA is a roller coaster ride, at the end of which you would come out to be the best of the best”. Keeping this thought in mind and with the new-found determination our classes began. With every passing lecture, I thanked myself for choosing SIBM over the others. The way the faculty taught and interacted with us, it was simply amazing.
Two weeks at SIBM, I can see that the next 23½ months have a lot to offer and I’m going to dive right into it. This is going to be one hell of a ride!

Rounak Jain First Year MBA Student @ SIBM, Pune