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Joining SIBM, Pune – The Right Decision

An MBA in India would not only give cohesive knowledge of the business aspects of things revolving in the economy but will also impart the skills which will help in realizing true potential. In order to give shape to my thoughts I wrote competitive exams like CAT, IIFT, SNAP and landed into the Best B School in Pune. Doing MBA in Symbiosis will not only utilize my technical experience and attitude in finding a fulfilling job in my area of interest but will also provide me a lifetime relation with Symbiosis International University. MBA is not just a degree which pours in management knowledge in us but also help us realize our abilities to its best. SIBM Pune, one of the best b school, is assisting me in all these aspects and leading me towards achieving my long term goals of becoming a human resource specialist.It has provided me an environment for all round learning and development.I am looking forward for being entrusted with responsibilities in SIBM’s buddy program that will facilitate my all round development over and above academic learning. With SIBM’s mentorship programme, I hope to get in touch with institute alumni working in my area of interest and get their support and guidance, which will facilitate the realization of my career objectives.On of the greatest advantages at SIBM is small batch size which implies more opportunities in terms of internship and better job opportunities which set a strong foundation in starting a path breaking career. I am proud that I made a right decision of joining SIBM Pune.

Aditi First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune