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Joining SIBM, Pune – The Right Decision

With having lost all hopes of getting into any B-school, I finally got the permission to join my family business.  It was my dream to get into my family business since school days and prosper it as fast as possible to that level where everyone knows my company’s name.

Working for 3 months at my company, I was able to get 5% of the total sales of my company. Which was all just due to proper follow up with and service to the clients. But what I had done could be done by anyone.  I then started to wonder what value addition am I bringing to my company and the answer was nothing. The reason I was able to get this much sale was all due to my zeal for business and not due to my knowledge. What I lacked was proper knowledge to market my products. Problems that were faced by me during these 3 months :-

  1. Not able to get my work done from my workers
  2. Easily getting frustuated when not able to find solution due to lack of knowledge

After all these were going into my life, suddenly one day I received a letter from SIBM Pune, one of the top ranked B-School of India for having scored really well in SNAP Entrance Exam and their GDPI session. It came as a surprise to me. All were excited except me. I was under a dilemma of whether to leave my business which was at its top working efficiency during that time or not.  Then I sat and self-analysed, that is this MBA in India worth doing, is it going to solve all my above mentioned problems. The answer was “ I didn’t know!! “. I had to make a decision and was finally willing to risk my 2 years by getting into this MBA course.

The first 2 Weeks in SIBM Pune, Symbiosis International University:

I was super excited, firstly I am going to best B school of India and secondly it has the state of the art campus located on the hill top. And yes, on the very first day, the college did gave me an “Awwww!!” feeling with its beautiful campus and the scenic beauty around it.

Starting from Campus, the college is such beautifully planned, that it has everything you might need on the very hill top. From amphitheatre to Helipad, from cycling to pollution free environment, from upto the hill top mountain trekking to the scenic beauty it has at every point.
Sitting at amphitheatre after dinner every night, playing antakshari, or just staring up at the sky full of stars all night long, is just an experience of some hill station worth having. Student friendly environment is very rare to find in colleges nowadays, all these brought me closer to this college and helped me take a step towards accepting that I have made a right decision.

Coming to Education: What convinced me that I have taken a right decision was their Induction programme. Having received the induction module, I had no idea of what all the 5 modules were talking about. But the tie up with the Harvard Business School for their interactive self-study course was one of a kind.  A very  nice way to bring all the students from different background to the same level. This gave me a confidence that one of my problem will be definitely solved of getting knowledge from this college.

Now comes their interactive group exercises, starting from Talent round, Marshmallow challenge to Amazing race. These all activities brought all the students together, made them interact with each other. Also most important to that, it made me realise that I have the skill to lead people, to get my work done from people for their own benefit to some extent. And yes, there comes the answer to my very first problem.

After all this happening in the first 2 weeks of the college, makes me imagining what is yet to unveil in the coming 2 years in this college. I am feeling lucky to have made a right decision of taking up MBA in Symbiosis and then fulfil my dream with what I get from this beautiful college.


Kshitij Jain, First Year MBA Student @ SIBM, Pune