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Joining SIBM, Pune – The Right Decision

During my days as a student, I went through several lists of the Best B Schools for Mba in India and found SIBM Pune adhering to my interests. I took SNAP and there itself begun my journey to the The Best B School in Pune.
If I have to describe SIBM pune in a single word ,I would call it a Pastiche. A pastiche created by the finest atelier giving it such a diverse rang of students. Roam around the campus in the dusk and you can spot people playing music,singing  antakshari,dancing, playing games, and possibly having the time of their lives! Such an environment with an add on of the opulent beauty of this place makes MBA in Symbiosis a treat.

The lectures given are illuminating and I feel lucky to be taught by such didactic teachers. We are just on the verge of a roller coaster ride here. As each day passes the days get hectic with more assignment,presentations, quizzes, etc. but the night canteen tea shall always be a great help. Just entering the fun atmosphere of the night canteen makes me smile. People enjoying to their hearts content,making even the most melancholic assignment interesting. Even the stroll from the hostel to the mess is a delight with such a cool breeze; refreshing the mind and soul.

Although I am just a new member to the SIBM family ,my stay here has been a real delight. I am on my way, meeting the blithesome lot. I wish with time I will get to explore more of this astounding world.

On a broader view, SIBM Pune looks like a place full of merry musings . It is treasure box available only to the chosen few. A treasure which shall remain with us for the rest of our time.