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Joining SIBM, Pune- The Right Decision?

I am sure there is a quandary in the minds of many of my peers, who have packed their dreams and hopes and logged themselves up the beautiful and serene hills of Lavale- to the exquisite campus that SIBM, Pune has; “Am I making the right choice?” Well, that is the beauty of “choice”. Having multiple alternatives, one gets thrown into multiple nested “what if” and “what if not” loops and thanks to the creativity killing and mind-numbing work of the organizations which we famously refer to as the drivers of “Service industry in India”, our minds are incapable of deducing a conclusion out of it.

Of the many lessons life has taught me,  the one I could relate to on the first day of my college was- “Beware of beauty, it can be deceptive”. The campus looked too good to be not one out of a fairy tale. The dilemma in me, grew multi-folds. I started panicking and was shuttling around hither and tither to look for a satisfactory answer to my inquisition. I interacted with my peers, seniors and the faculty members who tried to quell my unreasoned doubt, but the more opinion I got, the more disoriented I got. I looked up to the big daddy of data/information/opinion and found multiple articles tirelessly describing Life and MBA at Symbiosis, achievements of SIU, B schools rankings in Pune and India, etc.; but this went down in vain as well.

Tired, I bought a cup of tea for myself, and mesmerized by the scenic beauty of a regular sunset, seen from the amphitheater,  I started contemplating. Lost in the crimson shades of the evening sky, I understood. I recollected all the data I had imbibed through out the day and concluded that I have, undoubtedly, been accepted by one of the most premier institutes of the nation. Henceforth, it is not about the choice that I have already made, but about the choices that I still have to make that will determine the course of my life; because the decision that I have already taken, i.e., Joining SIBM Pune- Is the Right Decision!

– Nimesh Maskara, MBA I, SIBM, Pune