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INAYAT (urdu – blessing)

The 10 o’ clock traffic I battle with every day while reaching work

The footsteps of the dog that follows me home every evening from the sabji mandi to my doorstep

The unpredictable sound as the bucket in the bathroom fills with steaming hot water

Papa’s unadulterated snores after a hard day of work

The crackle of cumin and mustard as Ma prepares a tadka

The air which passes as Grandpa turns yet another page of the newspaper

The way Grandma picks the best flowers for her beloved Gods

Bhai’s pencil’s movement on the sketchbook as he brings life to pictures or pictures to life

Your unruly hair

Your imperfect teeth

And the freckles on your tanned face

It’s beauty and a blessing when you find poetry in everything!


-Sayali Chandwadkar

MBA 1st year – Human Resources

Self proclaimed writer

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