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Ice breaking sessions @ SIBM, Pune

Ice breakers are an effective way of starting a learning session or team-building event. An interactive and often fun sessions help people get to know each other. It is an early incubator to experience, which can help in effectively mastering the environment, and can positively re-enforce team building.

Pictures of  first year engrossed in in Ice – Breaking session

SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3082-Optimized  SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3173-Optimized SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3181-Optimized SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3273-Optimized SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3285-Optimized SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3288-Optimized SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3294-Optimized SIBM-Pune-2016_DSC3299-Optimized


Ramakrishnan Raman

Director – SIBM, Pune


Dean- Faculty of Management – SIU